Worker Wellbeing

Did you know that work-related stress costs the UK economy approximately £6.5 billion per year? And that a big proportion of this amount is made up of mental health issues, and that number is sadly increasing.

This highlights the importance of the well-being of employees and for them to have coping mechanisms for when their lives and their work become stressful.

Reflexology and complementary therapies offer help and support with both mental and physical wellbeing and there is evidence that providing workers with reflexology and complementary therapies helps them to feel valued, more motivated and therefore happier and more productive at work – so it seems like this is a solution well worth trying!

I offer a bespoke service for your workplace where I can offer a choice of treatment options for your employees. The length of treatment time and duration of your well-being event is entirely up to you.

I will have an initial consultation with you either by phone or email to discuss your specific requirements and provide a price for you, I will ensure that everything runs smoothly for you and your employees.

I provide everything needed for the treatments – all I need is a room or private, quiet space to use for the treatments. Below are some example pictures of some of the workplaces I have provided worker wellness events at:

Beautiful Sole Reflexology Worker Wellbeing - Couch with white and grey blanket
Beautiful Sole Reflexology Worker Wellbeing - Couch with brown blanket
Beautiful Sole Reflexology Worker Wellbeing - Couch with grey blanket

Services I can offer

I can offer a range of therapies so that there will be something there to suit almost everyone

  • Reflexology
  • Facial Reflexology
  • Hand reflexology
  • Back neck and shoulder massage
  • Indian head massage
  • Reiki

I can offer a set day per month to come in, or a full or part week of in-house treatments – whatever your requirements I can accommodate most requests.

I can also arrange to have wellbeing emails sent to your employees and can arrange access to online group meditation sessions if you wish to include these in your worker wellbeing package.

I have seen first-hand how beneficial it is to provide well-being treatments to workers and how valued they feel, the whole workplace energy seems to shift to a calmer and more positive feeling for everyone.

Please do get in touch to discuss your requirements.