Rushed off your feet? …How Reflexology can help.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology works on the concept that the whole body is reflected or mapped out in smaller, peripheral areas, most commonly the feet, face or hands and that by working these areas or ‘reflexes’ a reflexologist can find areas of imbalance and can work these areas to enable the body to restore its own natural balance.

Reflexology is not ‘new’.  Healing the body through working the feet and hands is a very ancient form of healing that can be traced back to many cultures, most notably the Egyptians, the ancient Chinese and the Ayurvedic medicine of India and the Native Americans.


Is Reflexology for me?

This gentle and non-invasive therapy is suitable for all ages from newborns to clients receiving end of life care. There are some medical exemptions that mean treatment is not appropriate at this time but if you have any questions please feel free to contact me to discuss these.

Reflexology is a deeply relaxing therapy where the body’s need for unnecessary stress or adrenal responses are switched off and deep relaxation can take place. This relaxation allows clients space to switch off mentally and allow their body to reach its own equilibrium. As well as being beneficial to specific health conditions, it can help to promote deeper, more restful sleep and a general feeling of well being.


What to expect from your reflexology treatment

When you arrive for your first treatment I will complete a full consultation form with you and I will explain how Reflexology works and what to expect from your treatment, how you may feel during, and following your treatment, and also answer any questions you may have.

After your consultation, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable on the couch, with a blanket to help keep you warm during your treatment. There will be calming, relaxing music playing in the background and I will encourage you at the start to take some deep breaths to enable you to begin to fully relax – we will do this at your own pace and only what feels comfortable and manageable for you.

I will then cleanse your feet and begin the treatment with some gentle massaging techniques of your feet, ankles and lower legs.

As you relax into your treatment, you may even find yourself falling into a light sleep – this is perfectly normal and nothing to feel anxious about, some clients prefer to talk throughout their treatment and others prefer to ‘switch off’ completely – either is fine! There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to feel during a Reflexology treatment.

I will use a specialist wax or balm on your feet – all fully organic and natural, with a Vegan option available.

During your treatment, there may be areas of slight discomfort, or areas that I feel to be out of balance, which I will discuss with you at the end of the treatment. These may be related to an ongoing health condition you are experiencing or maybe just a sore spot that could be caused by many factors including footwear or exercise.

The treatment itself will last around 50 minutes, which allows time at the end of the session to discuss anything that may have come up during your treatment.

At the end of your treatment, I will allow you time to wake up from your place of deep relaxation and will offer you some water to help flush out the toxins which have been released and to help ground you, ready to face the rest of your day.


Benefits of Reflexology

Regular Reflexology treatments aim to help with the following:

  • Help with hormonal balance and the symptoms of menopause
  • Reduce the feelings of stress and improve mood
  • Improve lymphatic drainage encouraging the removal of toxins
  • Relieve tension and aid more restful sleep
  • Relieve mental strain and improve concentration
  • Relieve congestion
  • Leave you feeling rejuvenated