Advanced Facial Reflexology

Facial reflexology is available with Bobby Moffat of Beautiful Sole

If you feel tired and drained and you can see that when you look in the mirror, then facial reflexology may just be what you need. This award-winning therapy is both therapeutic and deeply relaxing. Gentle techniques are used to stimulate the facial reflexes encouraging the body to initiate its own natural healing mechanisms and bring you back to a state of equilibrium.

I have been trained in the ‘Bergman Method’ of Advanced Facial Reflexology which is an award-winning wonderfully relaxing holistic treatment. It has been developed using Native American techniques and Asian body maps.

There are around 42 muscles in the face and most of these are used all the time both for facial expressions and when we talk. Facial expressions are one of the most important ways in which we communicate with others – it is difficult to stop our inner feeling from showing on our faces as it taps into our unconscious. By releasing these muscles, we can release stuck or held emotions and tension. Treatments to the face also have a powerful effect on the Central Nervous System, which can help in releasing the effect of stress and promote regular sleep patterns.

Facial reflexology not only works on the facial muscles, skin, and fascia but on the reflexes on the face that relate to the organ systems of the body, so it helps with stress and hormonal regulation, as well as toning the skin and the muscular structure of the face and improving blood supply to the face – helping to give you a natural rosy glow.


What To Expect During Your Advanced Facial Reflexology Treatment

When you arrive for your first treatment I will complete a full consultation form with you and I will explain how Facial Reflexology works and what to expect from your treatment, how you may feel during, and following your treatment, and also answer any questions you may have.

After your consultation, you will be invited to make yourself comfortable on the couch, with a blanket to help keep you warm during your treatment. There will be calming, relaxing music playing in the background and I will encourage you at the start to take some deep breaths to enable you to begin to fully relax – we will do this at your own pace and only what feels comfortable and manageable for you. I will then gently cleanse your face and neck.

As you relax into your treatment, you may even find yourself falling into a light sleep – this is perfectly normal and nothing to feel anxious about. I will use the award-winning Bergman ‘Facial Elixir’ which is a ‘groundbreaking amethyst crystal infused Elixir’ designed to ‘nurture the skin and lift the spirit’. The Facial Elixir is a beautiful product, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, 100% organic, natural ingredients and ethically sourced. This product is suitable for all skin types and is an exquisitely scented blend of essential oils including white sage, rose and ylang-ylang.

At the end of your treatment, I will allow you time to wake up from your place of deep relaxation and will offer you some water to help flush out the toxins which have been released and to help ground you, ready to face the rest of your day.


Benefits of Advanced Facial Reflexology

Regular Facial Reflexology treatments aim to help with the following:

  • Help with hormonal balance and the symptoms of menopause
  • Reduce the feelings of stress
  • Improve circulation to the face, neck and head area
  • Improve lymphatic drainage encouraging the removal of toxins
  • Relieve tension in the muscle tissue
  • Relieve mental strain and improve concentration
  • Relieve congestion in the sinuses
  • Leave you feeling rejuvenated and with a healthy glow

Following your Facial Reflexology treatment, as with all treatments, I will encourage you to drink plenty of fluids for 24 hours to help flush out the toxins which have been released during the course of your treatment. I will also advise that you avoid any stimulants and heavy eating, and try to avoid wearing make up and rest as much as possible. ​



Before your treatment I will need to confirm the following with you as these are some contra-indications which may delay your treatment, please see information as below:

Face Lift – There will need to be at least a three month gap following your surgery.

Botox and Fillers – There will need to be at least a three to four week gap following your procedure.

Open wounds – until they are healed.