Reflexology and Holistic treatments
in Sudbury and Castle Hedingham

Helping you to find your perfect balance

Holistic, Spiritual Approach

Throughout my own personal journey and my work with others over the years, I have come to realise how intrinsically linked our mental, physical and spiritual health is. If one is out of balance then it will affect the others, this is why I feel it is so important to look after all aspects of yourself.

My Reflexology treatments offer the spiritual aspect of my Reiki healing, the physical aspect of my Reflexology training and also the mental and emotional aspects of my counselling training, so treatment with me offers a holistic approach to your self-care and healing.

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My husband and I have both had reflexology treatments from Bobby which we have both felt benefited us. Bobby has a calm way about her, she took the time to explain things to us, we both felt we could ask any question. If you’re looking for a reflexologist we would both highly recommend Bobby.
Keith & Ann

It’s an absolute treat to just switch off in such a nurturing environment with beautiful energies and truly relax (something which I think we all find harder to do these days). Physically, even with my mobility issues I find myself standing up straighter after Bobby has worked her magic and literally as if any niggles that day have melted away, almost like walking on air when you leave. I can’t wait until the next time I put my feet in Bobby’s healing hands. I always sleep so so well that night too, the treatment may last an hour but the effects of being put back in ‘sync’ so much longer. Simply wonderful

I have a lot of trust in Bobby. I am usually nervous of people touching my feet but I had a really relaxing experience. An hour of me-time, relaxing music, beautiful smelling room and products, nurturing atmosphere. I cannot recommend Bobby highly enough!